Opus 40 Phase 1 Week 5

Opus 40 Phase 1 Week 5

Rebuilding continues

The Opus 40 restoration returned for the pen-ultimate week of phase 1 with a crew of 7 wallers.  This week the Tall wall by the Amphitheater was completed, and the work on the entance ramp was fully completed, bringing the end of this phase within sight!  This weeks crew was: Brian Post, Michael Weitzner, Seth Harris, Ben Maron, TJ Mora, Victoria Merriman and Sean Kelly.

The Entrance Ramp Wall

This week the focus was on finishing the top surface of the ramp.  Seth Harris focused on finishing the last few cap stones while TJ Mora and Sean Kelly set about finishing the flagstone that makes up the top walking surface of the ramp.  Brian jumped in to to rebuilding the stairs leading onto the ramp, and Victoria headed up the clearing of the excess stone and the final clean up.  It was a huge push to finish the entire are and get cleaned up in just 4 days.

The Amphitheater Wall

The week started out with the installation of the EPDM rubber membrane that will catch all surface water and direct it to a drain pipe.  While the concept is simple, there are lots of details to get just right.  The membrane had to be sealed to the ledge so that water running off of it would be caught as well.  Once that was in place the final course of face stones and the wall cap stones could be placed.  After that a final layer of stone was placed on the backfill and the flag stones were relaid.  Michael, and Ben did much of the work, with Brian helping on the rbber install and the caps.

The full 12 ft height of the wall was revealed when the staging came down.

The Training Wall

Work on the training wall took a pause this week, and will resume next week.