Opus 40 Phase 1 Week 3

Opus 40 Phase 1 Week 3

Rebuilding continues

The Opus 40 restoration returned for week three, again with a crew of 7 wallers.  Building on last weeks experiance, walling continued at a fast pace.  As the wall heights increased staging setups were continually modified so the work could be done at a convenient height.  This weeks crew was: Brian Post, Michael Weitzner, Bryce Hollingsworth, Ben Maron, TJ Mora, Victoria Merriman and Sean Kelly.

The Entrance Ramp Wall

The northeast side of the entrance ramp has continued quickly.  Setting though stones continued to be the name of the game as we built higher. Several renditions of staging setups were needed throughout the week.  TJ Mora and Bryce Hollingsworth led the work with help From Sean and Victoria as needed.

The Amphitheater Wall

Rebuilding the amphitheater wall continued with Michael leading and Ben and Victoria assisting.  Brian focused his time on the corner, and running the macinery to get the needed new stone to both work areas.

Over the course of the week the wall kept getting higher and the staging was set up again and gradually raised as needed.

The Training Wall

Building a training wall to run workshops and certifications on was an additional goal of the project.  Some additional progress on this wall was made with the help of George Harrar.  More on this in coming weeks.