his website site is currently under construction. Please excuse the appearance and contact us for more information.

This website site is currently under construction. Please excuse the appearance and contact us for more information.

Standing Stone LLC

working with stone

We design, build, and restore custom stonework. We focus on traditional craftsmanship and building practices that last for generations.

Dry Stone Walls and Features

We specialize in dry stone construction or building without mortar. This method of building with stone is versatile, beautiful and lasts for 100s of years.

Stone patio and walkway framed by plantings gardens and dry stone walls with coped top

Landscape Installation

For select projects near our home base, we will manage the construction and installation of all aspects of your new landscape.

Gravestones repaired. These head stones have been fixed and cleaned.

Gravestone Preservation

We do a select amount of gravestone repairs, primarily near our home base. We specialize in complex repairs and resetting large monuments.

dry stone arch bridge plans

Landscape Architecture

Standing Stone specializes in designing projects with a focus on traditional stonework.  We help clients determine their goals and guide them through the process from schematic design to construction plans. We use a wide array of representation techniques from hand drawn sketches to 3D computer simulations. Whatever best represents the project is what we will do.

Our Work

More About What We Do

Brian Post teaching a walling workshop at The Stone Trust

Workshops & Training

Brian Post is a DSWA-GB certified Dry Stone Wall instructor and is one of the most experienced instructors for teaching dry stone wall construction and related stone crafts such as stone shaping in North America.  He regularly teaches workshops at The Stone Trust.  We can also be contracted to do private or independent workshops.  Brian also teaches Gravestone Restoration workshops.

Restored stone house

Masonry Restoration

For select projects Standing Stone will provide restoration consultation services and the restoration work on historic masonry structures.  It is very important that modern Portland cement not be used on historic structures as it can cause irreversible damage.  Standing Stone is experienced working with traditional lime and natural hydraulic lime mortars that are the correct products for historic stone structures.

Standing Stone LLC was awarded the bid for the restoration of Opus 40 at the beginning of February. Over the next three years we will be undertaking an assessment, creating a manual for preservation, and rebuilding some of the parts of the sculptural landform.