Standing Stone offers complete project installation. While specializing in dry stone walls and features, Standing Stone also provides mortared masonry, garden installation, and all other aspects of landscape construction.

Standing Stone places special emphasis on quality construction. Everything is built with longevity in mind. The objective is for your new landscape or features to last for generations.

On the construction site, everyone is professional. You will find a pleasant break from the swearing and smoking that is found on many crews. Work sites are kept clean, tidy, and safe. When the project is finished Standing Stone leaves the site clean and free of construction waste and other debris. Standing Stone projects stay on schedule and keep to the bid price.

On larger projects, Standing Stone works with a number of subcontractors to efficiently complete the project. Excavation is often subcontracted, along with electrical work and some other specific tasks. Standing Stone actively manages any subcontractors it brings on, keeping the project efficiently moving forward.

bank stabilization packing soil with dozer, boulder wallsBank Stabilization in progress

Patio looking down irregular flaggingPatios and Pathways

perennial flower gardenPlants and Gardens

mortared hearthStone and Brick Masonry