Gravestone Repair and Restoration

Standing Stone uses only top quality restoration products recommended by the stone preservation trade. Combined with proper use, this provides the strongest repairs. Specially formulated epoxy provides the strength for most repairs. Cracks and chips can be filled with lime mortars that can be color-matched to the stone. On thin stones which have broken, external support is often required to ensure a permanent repair. This is provided by welding a custom aluminum frame which fits tightly around the stone, providing permanent support.

Many stones start to lean over time due to uneven settling. This causes severe stress on the headstone, particularly on monuments made from several pieces of stone. Righting a leaning stone is an inexpensive repair that prevents stones from breaking in the future.

In the past, iron and steel pins were often used to connect multiple pieces of stone in a monument. Overtime these pins rust and expand, cracking the stone and eventually causing it to fail. Standing Stone makes every effort to completely remove all rusting pins and replace them with stainless steel or another nonferrous metal.

Cleaning is done with a special biological solution that kills and removes mold, lichen, moss, and other organisms. The use of the solution also deters future growth on the stone. Common 'handy-man' cleaning techniques such as bleach and wire brushes can damage the stone and should never be used.

Detailed documentation is provided on each repair, including a written report with before and after photos. Documentation is provided as a hard copy and digitally. Click here to view an sample of the repair documentation.


Standard pricing for common stone repairs is listed below. Contact us if you are not sure what types of repairs you need, or have other types of damage. Large monuments are quoted individually. Written bid proposals are always available. Break repair prices include straightening and cleaning

Repair type Single Tablet Tablet and Base Small Monument
Cleaning only $60 $70 $90
Straightening w/o cleaning $100 $200 $300
Single break - thick stone. $250 $300 $400
Single break - thin stone $400 $525 $625
Multiple breaks and/or severe deterioration $600 $700 $800

Quantity discount: For every 10 stones repaired, get a 11th stone repaired for free (of equal or lesser value than the average repair cost).

A minimum charge of $500 may apply.

Prices are valid within a 25 mile radius of Springfield VT. Repairs at greater distances will be quoted individually.

A single tablet gravestone is one slab of stone with the bottom third buried to keep the stone upright.

A tablet and base grave stone is comprised of a tablet slab that is mounted on a base stone. The base stone may be above or below ground level.

A small monument is similar to a tablet and base, except that there is an additional piece of stone, typically with a decorative molded edge, between the tablet and base.

headstones being straightened and resetHeadstones being straightened and reset
large monument repairRepairing the finial and obelisk on this large monument.
headstone in need of repairMarble headstone broken in multiple pieces.
repaired gravestoneCompleted repairs to the stone above. An epoxy based filler was used to repair gaps where the pieces did not fit together. An aluminum frame adds external support.
repaired gravestone backBack view of the aluminum frame on the same stone.
preserved gravestoneA thin tablet and base stone repaired with aluminum frame.
completed restoral of over 75 headstonesStanding Stone has worked on over 75% of the headstones in this cemetery
broken headstones ready for glueingBroken gravestones ready for repair back at the workshop
gravestone repairs underwayGravestone repairs in progress
large headstone being straightened
Large slate headstone being carefully straightened and reset