Standing Stone offers complete professional design services. A variety of digital and traditional mediums are used to best represent each design. Standing Stone is fully equipped with CAD capabilities, and can easily work with other design professionals such as engineers and architects.

Many clients are unsure if they need a design. With the exception of landscape restoration projects, a design is always highly valuable. The design process reveals the best way to meet your needs and goals for the project. It allows both the client and contractor to have a complete understanding of the proposed project. A design also makes it possible to provide an accurate bid price for the construction, and to get equivalent bids from multiple contractors if desired. It also aids in project planing, which helps the construction to progress efficiently, minimizing delays and cost over-runs.

Typically more money is saved in construction by having a good design, than the up front cost of the design. The client also recieves a better finished project. Design costs typically average about 10% of the landscape construction costs.

The Design Process

Standing Stone's design process is flexible, making it easy to work within the needs and budget of your project. For a complete design project, such as the landscape around a new house, the design process goes through four stages:

  • Collecting information includes learning what you want in your landscape, and information about the site. Usually a site survey is taken and a base plan is created.

  • Schematic design is where ideas are first represented. These early plans and representations are quickly sketched and often multiple options are presented and discussed, resulting in a preliminary design.

  • Design Development begins once a preliminary design is agreed upon. As the design is developed and detailed, dimensions are defined, materials are chosen, and plants are selected. This results in a landscape design that accurately represents what is to be built.

  • Construction Documents are created to tell the contractors precisely how the design is to be built. For complex projects or elements this is a key step for efficient building. If Standing Stone is doing the construction, the construction documents are minimal. If the project is going out to bid, a full set of construction documents is key to assuring comparable bids and quality construction.

Standing Stone has the expertise to give you the best value in professional design services. Standing Stone makes use of a wide range of design tools, ranging from advanced computer models and photo-simulations, to simple sketches, and cardboard models.

Site Surveying

Base Drawings

Schematic Design

Detailed Design Renderings

3D Digital Modeling

Photo Simulations


Construction Drawings

Site Layout

design renderingPespective Patio Design Rendering