About Standing Stone

Brian Post, owner of Standing Stone, is the only person in North America who is certified by the Dry Stone Walling Association and is also a Licenced Landscape Architect. Additionally Brian is one of just 5 people in the USA with Advanced, Level 3, DSWA certification. He is also a DSWA certified dry stone walling instructor. Brian draws on his unique mix of knowedge and skills as he designs, builds, and repairs stonework and landscapes throughout New England and beyond.

Standing Stone is committed to providing exceptionally high-quality, professional work for all of its projects. Whether creating a new landscape, or restoring an old feature, Standing Stone strives to do the very best job possible. The creative and technical design process is artfully balanced with the opportunities and limitations of real-world construction and budgets.

How Contracts Work

Most projects are done with bid proposals of a fixed price. This way the client know exactly how much the project will cost prior to committing. Bid proposals are quite detailed, laying out the work that is to completed, project schedule, payment schedule, and other details. Bid prices include all the labor, materials, and other costs associated with the project, thus eliminating surprises for both the client and Standing Stone.

Occasionally, there is no way to clearly define the extent of work which the client wants done. In these cases a contract is written based on time and materials. The contract lays out the hourly rate, billing cycle, and other details. Again this helps to eliminate surprises as the project progresses. On time and material contracts, Brian typically bills out $60/hour for design work, stone masonry, and other skilled tasks.

Standing Stone has on-going working relationships with numerous other craftsmen and contractors that share Standings Stone's values of quality and professionalism. This network allows Standing Stone to construct large projects cost effectivly and in a reasonable timeframe. On large projects Standing Stone often serves as a general contractor, making sure the work is done effeciently and correctly.

For clients looking for advice, but not an all out design, on site consulting is done at an hourly rate of $60/hour. A minimum charge may apply.

Initial site visits (except for consulting) are free within 50 miles of Springfield VT. The preparation of bid proposals and contracts is also done free of charge.

About Brian Post

Brian began Standing Stone Landscape Architecture as a way to couple his extensive knowledge of dry stone work and masonry with his professional landscape architectural design background.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). He graduated, with highest honors, at the top of his major. While attending SUNY-ESF, Brian took part in the independent off-campus program. He developed an individualized curriculum that enabled him to travel to United Kingdom to study dry stone wall construction. This included four separate internships working under master craftsmen and professional wallers. While in England, Brian also gained his initial level dry stone walling certification from the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain. This program culminated in Brian's undergraduate thesis "Dry Stone Walls of The United Kingdom".

While in college, Brian worked as a summer intern at Terrigenous LLC, one of southern Vermont's premiere Design/Build Landscape Architectural firms. After graduation, Brian went to work full time at Terrigenous. His position evolved from a focus on construction drawings and building dry stone walls, to include all aspects of the design process, project management, and landscape construction. Brian's years at Terrigenous gave him the opportunity to work on some of the largest and most technically challenging residential projects in Southern Vermont.

In the spring of 2010, Brian passed his Intermediate Level dry stone walling certification from the DSWA. The following year he became one of a dozen DSWA certified dry stone wall instructors in the United States. In October 2011 Brian became one of the select few wallers to succed in attaing his Advanced Level DSWA certification. Brian then went on to attain his Landscaped Architecture Licence for the State of Vermont in the fall of 2012.

Currently Brian is serving on the board of directors for The Stone Trust. A Vermont based non-profit organization with a mission to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walls. In addition, Brian maintians profession membership with the DSWA, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Stone Foundation.

Outside of Standing Stone, Brian coaches gymnastics (a sport he competed in up through College), is an avid vegtable gardener, pen and ink artist, and enjoys working on restoring his home.

Brian's resume may be viewed here.

Brian Post with completed dry stone wallBrian with completed
dry stone wall

Transplanting large lilacCarefully transplanting
a large Lilac

Part of Brian's Level 3 test wallPart of Brian's DSWA
level 3 test wall

Charlie and Killian "helping"

Building stone steps in the rainBuilding Stone steps, sometimes it just rains and rains

brian post at work shaping stoneBrian at work shaping a stone